Privacy Policy

This document entails the privacy policy and agreement that you accept when adding Primo to a server, or as a member of such a server. This document does not supersede the Developer Terms of Service.


Data Collected By Command

The following items may be collected and stored when intentionally provided by a user (usually by means of a command). This data will not be collected automatically. When providing data in this way, you forego any rights to the content of the data provided.

Data Collected When Enabled

These items will be automatically collected if a bot is configured to perform certain actions by a server manager. These features are always opt-in, and thus this data will not be collected unless the corresponding feature is enabled.

Data Collected Automatically

This data may be collected automatically. This data is used to provide statistics or history data.

Data Collected via Authorization

This data may be collected when authorizing an application, such as when logging in to a site via Discord OAuth2. This data is also outlined on the authorization page.

Data Storage

All stored data is kept on protected servers. While storage methods vary, most data is kept within password-protected databases such as MongoDB or Redis. Please keep in mind that even with these protections, no data can ever be 100% secure. All efforts are taken to keep your data secure and private, but its absolute security cannot be guaranteed.


Feedback on any and all provided bots and services is appreciated. When you submit comments, suggestions, bug reports, and any other forms of feedback, you forego any rights to the content, title, or intent of the provided feedback. Additionally, the feedback may be utilized in any way.


By adding Primo to your server or using this bot in any way, you are consenting to the policies outlined in this document. In addition, you (the server manager) are agreeing to inform your members of the Developer Terms of Service and the contents of this document. If you, the server manager, do not agree to this document, you may remove the bot from the server. If you, the server member, do not agree to this document, you may leave the server that contains the bot. If you, the service user, do not agree to this document, you may revoke authorization of the application(s) in your 'Authorized Apps' menu.